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Mob Ruler

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Date: Apr 1, 2008
RCMH 2007

An artcinco review...

Squidhammer and I left the amazing pre-show Arrmo gathering which featured the stellar appearance of the Wereo, (in the presence of the Glory!) and rushed over the few blocks to RCMH. It was close to the 8 pm starting time and there was a large crowd of people in front. RCMH staff were directing ticket holders to a different entrance so we headed that way.

There was a line waiting to go through security but it went smoothly. I was not trying to smuggle anything in so there was no trouble. Once inside I looked at the t-shirt booth and saw that it was mobbed so I figured I would try after the show to see the merch.

Made it to my seat and the saw Dirt Nap from arrmo sitting about six seats away. The show did not start right at 8 pm as many people were not in their seats and were still outside going through security.

Some local DJ gets up on stage and does the usual banter. During this I got a call from the amazing Scot Clayton, of Scot Clayton Productions fame. I couldn't hear anything he said as the DJ was doing his schtick.

Once the DJ shut up Scot called again and I gave him the run down as he was still outside but H&H had not started yet.

A few minutes later the E5150 intro tape began and I fastened my seat belt and prepared for take-off.

"After All (The Dead)" was good but I don't know if it was the best opening song they could have used. I think "Turn Up The Night," which was not performed, would have been a better choice. It seemed Ronnie was a bit excited to be in front of house at the sold out RCMH as I think he got to the first chorus while the band was still playing the end of the verse. He recovered well with some ad-lib Ronnie vocals.

"The Mob Rules" was next and it rocked. This was why I was here, to see this line-up perform songs like this. It was very rockeen and Iommi shredded and dive-bombed on his white SG.

"Children of the Sea" another track from this era that had to be played. It was good and all but it is a song that I have heard many a time on many a boot and at many a Dio show so although cool not groundbreaking.

"Lady Evil" is a song that I have never liked but seeing it performed was nice and Iommi did the solo justice. Geezer's rumbling bass anchored the proceedings.

"I" was up next and it rocked. It has to be the best track off Dehumanizer and is good enough (and would have been great if it had) to be included on Mob Rules. The best Dio-Sabbath songs mix up the tempos with slow then fast or acoustic then metal alternations. This song has the keen Iommi blues riff which then transforms into an all-out pummeling. Ronnie's lyrics are some of his best on this one too.

"Sign of the Southern Cross" was the highlight of the night for me. An incredible rendition of a great song. What I liked about this show overall was the refusal to do any kind of medley of sticking a song in the middle of another or only performing part of a song. This song was performed in its entirety.

"VooDoo" was good with the interplay between Ronnie and Tony making it interesting.

"The Devil Cried" was the first of two of the new tracks played and it seemed plodding. I had heard it online and it didn't improve that much live. I guess the ability to write at the level of H&H and MR might be a lost art for these guys. If they do another album of original stuff I hope they can recapture the earlier vibe.

"Vinnie's solo" Bathroom break from awl the Guiness at the Irish pub pre-show. Drum solos are a bit boring but it gives Ronnie a break and allows for restroom visiting. One thing I noticed which I don't remember seeing Vinnie do previous times I had seen him during the various songs (as I didn't see his solo) was the grabbing and releasing of his toms which would then rock back and forth and appear to almost fall over. I don't recall seeing any drummers ever employ this as a technique but it definitely was eye-catching. While in the men's room some guy was yelling that he had pins in his neck and that everyone needed to stand up for Sabbath.

"Computer God" was good and I like this song although I know many do not. Ronnie's scream before "we do not compute" was not as good as on the album but that was ok.

"Falling off the Edge of the World" rocked the house. Front, Back and at the ATM at Craig and Rancho. This was the second coolest track for me and was great. The crowd loved it.

"Shadow of the Wind" second and final new track. Had not heard before the show. Liked it better than Devil Cried. Will have to get the album tomorrow and listen a few more times.

"Die Young" one of my fave Dio-Sab tunes and it was great. I liked that Iommi didn't do a long and drawn out solo and just did his extended intro with the invisible keyboard player that was not Geoff Nicholls.

"Heaven and Hell" was a great show ender (pre-encore) and the crowd joined in on the main riff without prompting. It rocked hard and when the fast end part began I could feel the balcony shake a bit with the rhythm of Iommi's riffing.

"Lonely is the Word" was another rare live rendition that I was looking forward to. Iommi's solo was great. On a side note Ronnie kept the singing on top of the solos down to a minimum but he still did it. Sometimes he should turn his mic off to avoid temptation. He may feel the need to sing over some of his solo side men but there is no need with Iommi.

"Neon Knights" was a great final song which had the whole place on their feet.

On the way out the merch table was still mobbed so I did not acquire any Sab stuff. May order some online.

Squid and I met up with Scot and then returned to Irish Pub for the Arrmo after show party.

I met many Arrmo people and had a great time.

I did not see Terry at the show or at either of the Arrmo parties so I cannot be sure he was there. Wereo Scott got many props and signed a copy of "One Day in 1974..." for all his fans. I bought him some french fries.

And I also remembered to punch Dirt Nap in the arm, Double R.


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The Wereo

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Date: Apr 1, 2008

Ah, what glory we awl encountered that night. To be invitied to this ARRMO gathering was a true honor. To meet awl the ARRMO guys and girls and have the opportunity to sign hard copies of One day in 1974 ... for awl. To eat the charity fries from Flaherty's was the highlight. More honorable than eating pizza in Brooklyn.

Especially you New Orleans guys were a real treat. We think very highly of you guys, especially after 9-11 when you bought us a firetruck. We haven't forgotten. And seeing Scot Clayton outside RCMH and his family was like seeing God there. I'm sorry I couldn't go inside. And you Artcinco and Squidhammer and TAP and Dirt Nap and Herr Krawdad and families is just so much of an honor for me. We will never forget this. And the other guy who never told me who he is. I hope to reciprocate by flying everyone up to the Scamp for a weekend once the Project launches. We'll shoot some tees into trees. WHOOPS! Don't trip on that cable!

And I'm sure TeDDy wasn't there. He's not exactly the type that melts into the crowd. The wereo is the way we live now. WEREO!!!

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